Monday, January 2, 2012

the beginning

hi... its 2012 actually finally, the year with full of speculations. new year eve was amazing like usual, and just so you know, ict was cuhrayzee. but we have so much fun. together with amy, sharidah, eipy, ciko, eny, dayang, ayul, adib, arip, amin, raja... unfortunately, linda,apis, RK, couldn't make it with us... traffic was suck! well today im not gonna talk about what is my new dream for 2012. its just not me. 

my goal is, i wanna be fashion photgrapher, and also interior designer. im tired hiding my "GAY" dream job to the world. i feels so free capturing moments through my lens and designing some space for people. cause what i think i what i will get doing this job. btw i got to go now, im not feeling so good cause my mood is everywhere. i am sad with my self. 

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