Friday, July 22, 2011

not photoshop but brainyshop

mmmm i found this pictures on tumblr... ver creative... we don't need photoshop but brainyshop
and this one is my favourite one... and idk y.. very calm....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


hai yaal.. sup? i mean what's up hahahahaha my mid term holiday is kinda relax... its almost over but yet, i am not satisfied with this free time.. always have a lot of drama going on. then how i reacted with it? im just laughed so much as i can by watching a lotta lotta movie, mtv drama and pool. yes pool. + i gotta this fever that is just ruined my days a bit but i am fine. yes do not forget, my national geographic n solar system documentaries.. nerd right??? hahaha a little nerdy mood nerver hurt anybody~ :) 

do you guys remember when i said that i am losing my self??? yet i am still.. so confusing. this is not about my orientation. of course i am straight. just still stay single! aq rasa x ada org tnye pon aq straight ke x kat sini hahahahaha the most wondering thing right now is am i found the right people in my life?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011


i guest this blog is not dead, its just coma for a few weeks. hahahaha well i think im just got the wake up call. call for what? call for me to go to the next level! haaaa that's what i wanted. im just so chill even when im broke, i am chiller when im rich. HAHAHAHA haaa that's one of the examples my next level. want another? i don't know but im feeling better when i looked in the mirror. hahahahaha this is not about how i looks like, his is about me. oh ok, mid term break is coming, tomorrow is the last day of the fucking classes then im free, i can go anywhere that i wanted, have some rest. no assignments (this is just my dream.. as long as imma student, assignment is my soul, so i will do my assignments like usual). 

people, i noticed that facebook getting worst than ever right? cause the IM, just annoyed me so badly, its look so weird.. that's the only problem left. ahahaha and, last two days, my friend asked me about who's my crush is? well i bet you know who.. hihihi so i don't wanna say anything, i see her everyday so i better keep my mouth shut (like seriously, nobody knew about this). when we talk about someone special, what does it means to you? i mean other than family. it can be your friends, lover, or ex-special someone. i don't find the answer of this, i do appreciated it but in a different kind of ways.... "stone does sink in the water, ball just kept floating and heading no where...." woooaahhhhh that's my own quotes!!!!! imma legend! livvviiiing legend HAHAHA 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

short note~!

hai peeps!! it is been a while that I'm not posting anything right here. hahaha like wise.. ups and down life just drive me crazy. so.. i played pool, movies, hang out with my fucking friends and also finished my assignments.. now, im feeling a bit relax but my test on Wednesday... hahaha crazy right. this is the time of my life. BEP said that. but i ain't complaining, this is what i chosen. ok bye im so sleepy again so see you guys later :D btw rihanna music so good! 

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