Wednesday, August 24, 2011


hai again. its been a while that im not posting any kind of shitty shitty blah here :) am i busy? not that much, im just busy thinking what am i gonna be for next year. i need a new track, to be who am i supposed to be when i grow up. some people just living their life like there is no tomorrow. i have my tomorrow. a fucking diamond waiting for me so i do what i want, what i wanna have. im 20, and this is the time.. of my life... wahhhh im so black eyed peas hihihi.. there is no joy for me when i spent my family money too much. they work their butt out till 5pm for me and themself makes me think that im the last person in d family, and i should be sucessed just like them. "you have nothing to worried about, you've got your faimily, they can give you what you want" that's the word gonna make or break you. for me, i can became lazy, bossy, arrogant or in other word, loser. the bigest loser. yes they are my air that i need to survive.. where i really2 need a favor from them so here we go. it was many years ago, my late that said to my mom, "you have nothing to worried about azhar, he's gonna doin fine" and now im worried about myself, if its true, i have to think about a right thing. eyes to eyes with my brother helped me a lot about my future, what kind of course fit me well and my ability and chances for me to have a really nice job. the answer is, interior design.... yes! i like it like it!! again.. im so rihanna right now HAHAHA imma gonna survive and i will.

new life just perfect for me i guest!!!! hihi just meet new people and my ex school classmate moved to this fucking big city. now its easy for me to talkwith them, no facebook anymore! just right here! anytime! if i have a problem, they are the first to know and a few people, ahhh sorry not you, i mean you. you r no longer my inspiration. have a nice life without us :)  no turning back when i said this cause imean it. so my last advice for you, CHANGE! notice my new sign above? WHEN I THINK THEM IMMA SPEAK

listening to matt costa, cold december and astair over and over again...... cold august guys!! :) this is my new insomnia picture!

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