Thursday, August 16, 2012



yow guys.. happy aidilfitri to all muslim on earth, and and im here wants to invite all of you, no matter what is your religion is, culture, or even country, to join us for aidilfitri.. lots of food!! yeay! gonna gain my weight back! :D 

so this year ramadhan are totally one of a kind.. learned a lot, crying a lot, ha yes, i remember my late dad... i  did fashion shoot with my friends.. wanna see it?? here! haaha and guys, i just sold my soul to fashion photography for lots of reason! well this is my prsonal blog, not gonna talk to much about fashion ey! haha

mmm my "baju melayu" colour this year.... haaaa earth colour! light brown, a little gold effect with the fabric, and some texture~ looks good and i like it! thanks brotha! 

issue for this month? 
FRIENDS! but, not with my close friend, don't wanna talk about it, they just another my failure list... like i told, im a fashion photographer and well, unfortunately im straight. and they thought that im not, just because of my passion and my "sissy" atitude, well that's just me! . sorry don't take my words in a different way, u r gay? you cool, u r transgender? u r cool. u r homo and u afraid to act like one and tell the truth? u r confuse. typical malay, a guy do fashion photography? "GAY" plus, i don't have a girlfriend. y? girlfriend = money = commitment = love = crazy.. hard to find one that understand me very well to become "the one" .stupidity controls mind. see ? did i just talk about it? haha so i just let them be. har har har har. 

so, that's all. tq for visiting my fucking "rare" blog. ahahhahaha personally from the silver olympic medal winner, AZHAR har har har har~
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