Monday, May 30, 2011


i think it is better if im just stay in my hometown!! feels so much better there. 
oh god im so boring in here...
feels like live in a dead city.. things just getting weird ahahahahaha
what so ever. focus on my goal! 
plus, today is the most irritating day ever so far. 
plus feels so confused.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


yoyoyo!!! what dup... im back. yaw check this out.
in years 2020, the whole world gonna sank!!! yow not the whole world, i mean half of it.
malacca,penang, terengganu and all of place near 
with the ocean will gone. this is because of the global warming. 
hah beyonce, you think that you wanted to run this world? let see, how many girls will stay alive after this phenomenon? AHAHAHA! but i think your song is fierceee!
maybe we can say goodbye to singapore if this global warming "things" getting worst. 

well btw... i just found my student id card this morning... of course im happy..
but the thing is, its broke... 


Monday, May 23, 2011


ooooo i guest its been a while that im not posting a lot of word here huh? a bit busy with cocky life AHAHA! at least im not online on facebook all day long. let see what i did this couple of weeks. wait i don't remember exactly what i did actually. 

ok last week on monday i went to my friend house in kl with my friends, not sleepover there.. hee pretty intense birthday party actually. y? cause someone that all of us hated, arrived with big smile. O_o who did invited him? nobody know. so we kinda faked it up a little bit by putted a big smile on our face cause we don't wanna ruin everything. so weird.

and family problems came out from nowhere! aiiieeeeeeee 

there is a few thing that i did.
leave all the busting up people
b more selfish
live my own life
makes those crazy stuff as a top secret. this secret couple must be die. strike 2
leave this fucking group that stabbed me.
short hair or long hair?

i wish i just can undo it.

well.. pirates 4 was amazzing!!!!!! very interesting and always.

arggghhh  my result is on wednesday... oh no.. what about if i have to repeat print costing? damn it. im suck at it. goshhhhhhhh its a nightmare.

well i guests there is nobody wanna go to ikea cause there is a pig elements in the meatballs. AHAHAHA! save your money for others.
btw. it ts necessary to complementing ourself infront of everybody? my sister's friend did that and she said that kind of person was insecure about themselves. ouuchhhh
friends comes and go, and now in my UiTM list what's left is 1 guy 1 women that is so kenchang! :) and im feeling so good about me. plus, please, stop be friend with people that is wealthy. it doesn't get you anywhere at the end of the day. cause u just wanted to look hot! -__-

watched sunset on semester break at the beach was so relaxing btw. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011


saye dah block orang kat facebook~! yelah aq kan "perasan hot", "budget", "stalker" katanya ~ ehehehehe nanti aq unblock korang ye :) have a nice day bunch of busting up people! :) ok now, best friends, korang x di block no worries! -budget gile azhar!-
for me blocking is like unfriend, so the time we get back together as a friend, i'll unblock you! AHAHAHAHA!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


oh... i needed to go to shopping. ai yai yai..
first details:

1. i need new watch.. its about RM250 something like that. :(|  mom...can i...
3. i need new shirts and t-shirt.. any prices, idc.. brands outlet pon boleh~! RM? skin care stuff.. total: RM150+- 
5. new underwear... yeah men! 
6. new external hard disk... urghhh i broke the old one. don't have any budget yet
7. new socks.

first of all, must get the watch first! must! im feelin so good

something old, something new~!

teringat lagi kat post yang "lagi bnyak kawan lagi bnyak masalah"
mmmm tapi tu la what can i do other than being my self as real as i can.
when it is too real, its getting weird. and people start questioning who the hell 
is he? what's his orientation? is he matured? urrrghh
so whatevar, i will never care about this shit like this before.
can i being mean? yes.
can i being nice? yes.
can i being selfish? yes.
can i stop thinking about them? absolutely 
who am i, what i do right and what i do wrong.
this break its all about refreshing and formatting my mind.
i should remove several people that is useless to me in any way so i can be fine.
so that's mean no more diplomatic communication with this bunch of busting up people. im following my heart not my mind. using your mind after your heart working out. the rays for backstabbing game ends here!
go buy a new ticket to enter other people personal life.
if i start it here, its gonna be everywhere 
and yes baby i will if you wanted to

you know, money comes and go, 
car comes and go, 
a lot of thing comes and go... it is including friend comes and go...

thank god im so chill this break and not thinking about ya! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sun powers~!

let the sun illuminate the word that you could not fine...
feels like a summer everywhere... i thought this is happens only at my hometown... but in the middle of the night, it is so cold till i almost pee under my pants when i was asleep.  i read something about sun flares from nasa... ok i don't wanna talk about this, to many people i've been told about this. HAHAHAHAHA! but my mom told me that MAKKAH is loking so hot but its cold.... and i can see it on her face, her skin colour doesn't get tanned at all.. 

   uuuuuuuu but if i go outside of my house after ten minutes, uuuu charls i got to tell ya my skin gonna looks like when mariah carey get married with kanye west and then they've got a baby boy and that baby boy is me! ahaha very dark,,, and skin cancer is also on my way too if i stay outside too long. hmmm

  at least it is like a summer over here in malaysia right! ahaha and it is also semester break. :) ohhh this is so USA right now. and and if you wanna know that this "summer" i've been a very very bad boy... AHAHAHA i'll tell ya later... so now i've got to go to shower.. sweats all over my body :)

and when it is a sunset time, everything looks so peacefully 

Monday, May 9, 2011

mark zuckerberg~!

 amboi~ sekrang bukan main lagi 1 tanah melayu layan facebook kan. ehehe tapi kawe kak sini dah kelik ke twitter balik dahh! tapi kan, kadang2 bile bukak facebook tu mak aih... notification yg warna merah tu ada, org yg comment tu ada, tapi x leh nk nengok ape yg dorang comment... "what 2 the the to the f!!" macam tadi alahai notification dari syafiqa, x boleh bukak la labu..... "panas hati mak noqs"
 so sekarang sape kita harus salahkan!? mark zuckerberg!!!! bapak kepada facebook kita. tu la! bnyak sangat bende nak dibuatnye kat facebook tu, game la ape la sebagai~ urggghhh
  next: masalah i.m.   apesal la die buat inbox messages and im tu gabung sekali weh...... leceh.... org nk cek private message pon susah! haisshhh

  tp x pe lah, nak buat mcm mane, yang kaye mark, bukan aq kan, die duk lantak duk dlm bilik, pikir idea baru nk bg fb ni lgi best~ tenaga kebutuhan dilancarkan kepada mark. ini semua salah die notifications aq x boleh bukak! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!, sebab fb ni la bnyak org bergaduh. termasuk aq sekali... ahahah dengan, budak ajaib tu. :D ahaha tp aq perli sorang manusia ni indirectly kat post aq, x tulis name, then tahu2 die terus blok segala information die dari aq. ahahahaha x pe, die bukan priority dlm friendship aq.lg pon aq belom maafkan die. nghahahaha
biaselah, ngn kawan2 pon mesti ade gaduh sume kan.. its ok :) ni pon salah mark jugak! kalau die x buat fb aq x post bende mcm ni.( tq 2 u mark cause creating this "nobel" social website)

so btw, kaya x kaya mark ni tgok ni..
With his latest purchase, Mark Zuckerberg is proving that he's not your typical billionaire. First of all, he's still renting, which isn't exactly what most people who're worth upwards of $12 billion do these days. According to internet listings, his new rental property has about 3,800 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It has more security & privacy features---even some features that Facebook accounts lack! Shocking, right?

so, perempuan2 yang die try usha sebelum gf die yg sekarang tu mesti menyesal x terima die kan!? AHAHAHA so, quote yg dicipta oleh cousin aq ezry td utk dia adalah 


Sunday, May 8, 2011

just for fun~!

light slide

old lamp 

have a little photoshoot with my phone lastnight.. play with shuttle speed.
the result, not that good! hahahaha

happy mothers's day~!

My mom isn't perfect but she's the best
and no matter what happens in our family
we are all gonna

btw, i did a little photoshoot in my room last night,
just wanna have some fun

Friday, May 6, 2011


oh hai.. btw this is my friend artwork.. izzaty~! and she wanna promoting her "monster" to anybody that is interested with her monster... so if you guys want more detail about all of the fucking cool monster, go to this website....

if she is not approving your request on FB... so thats mean just go to her blog ok!~ :)

btw i really really think that her monster idea was cool... kinda different with any idea that i've seen before... and guest what? she is still not believing me that i wanna buy 2 of her monster.! she though that i was messing around! ahaha

i think this is also a monster... REAL MOSTER grrrr
 (the fucking JUDAS) allah please kill lady gaga now.. i pray to you
she looks so scary everytime i see her... i mean after her "telephone" song.


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