Tuesday, December 6, 2011

what is going on?

hi guys. back here so late *______* have u ever wondering y d hell in the world friends always come and go? i don't understand that but aaaaaamm..... it is hard right to lose them? i am not so sure. now i am listening to pretty reckless-make me wanna die. i heard this song first time when i watched victoria's secret fashion show lately. very intersting opening. with candice opening d show looking like that, pow! uh-may-zinnnnn!  so let's get back to my story. where m i just now? mmmmm ok. i have a few friends that seems like they trying to run away from me. ok not just me, with me n my friends. y, i don't understand. so i don't wanna think a lot about that. im just wanna know how it feels like when losing our friend. ooo i thought it is already 4 a.m but it is 2:30.. hihihi i need time machine. 

ok the second thing is. officially, it is the right time for me to have a girlfriend. y?cause litarally i found my self confused. oooo it is not my orientation. im just confused my my self with what the heck m i doin. how could it b like this. yeah after 5 and a half year being single, totally drive me cuh ray zeee... so many speculation about me has been made. i can find a girl to be my girl in a short time. butta, the q is, it is just for fun or is it for me to love her like for real. i don't wanna treat her like a bull dog if i can't love her just because to cover up all the rumors that i am gay. that is not fair for those girl. so i made my mind clearly, "no matter what people gonna say about me, go on. but when the time is right, game on". sya told me that i might be a good lover if i had a girl. poww! how d hell in the world this guy with so much energy goin on, loud, hyper, extremely half rude, hard-headed, lazy but hardworking, swinging mood person can be a good lover. for god sake, i don't get it neither.
so, i am not so sure if i have a class tomorrow morning cause, everybody keep sayin that "esok? kelas? ade ke weh?" hahahaha powww again! 80% happy answer. well i am listening to nicki minaj right now. super bass. what is that mean? super bass? boobs + ass? oh kemon nicki, we knew what's that song real meaning is. butta... your song and your voice r so cool. haha my hair looks terrible without my hat. very unbalanced. 

to make sure that im in a good condition, i will stay in da house tomorrow think about who i am really was. if i don't have a class tomorrow hahaha. so its time for me to walk around to c what is d new posts of my friend. :) have a good night and day people *______- red malboro just  make my head spinningaround. haha

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